Nero Kane is the nickname of Marco Mezzadri, a psych dark folk songwriter with an intimate, minimal and decadent path. Voice and guitar combine his European roots to American desert sound in a project full of emotional visions. Love In A Dying World is the name of his album, recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line / Holy War) and released for the LA art collective American Primitive on November 30th, 2018.

“Love In A Dying World” is also the title of the experimental film shot in California by the visual artist and performer Samantha Stella who joins Nero Kane in the live set on vocals and keyboards. The film was screened in museums and art galleries.                 

“Live there is an intensity, a sense of foreboding that is heightened routinely by intense atmospherics which makes it unique.” Backseat Mafia (UK), May 2020.

“The quality of the songs that Kane wrote and sang here with a distant, lost and frozen voice, reaches a very high level, enough to touch the sublime.” Buscadero Magazine (IT), April 2019.

“Nero Kane’s music is a mesmerizing and noir mix of spare psych-folk and stark blues-rock that he makes with his dispassionate, direct vocals.” Rebel Noise (USA), April 2019.

“Nero Kane sets off carrying existential melancholy on the path of a Nick Cave ideally accompanied by Ry Cooder of Paris Texas. You can enjoy the first singles Black Crows, Living On The Edge Of The Night and Now The Day Is Over through the beautiful Lynchian videos shot by the performer / video artist Samantha Stella as part of the eponymous experimental film.” La Repubblica (IT), March 2019.

“A dark, desert, hallucinated and decadent rock that evokes ghosts of Mark Lanegan, the last Johnny Cash, the more pulp Lou Reed.” Rumore Magazine (IT), February 2019.

Love In A Dying World, Teatro Renzo Casali, Milan, Italy – video interview – Il Sole 24Ore (IT), February 2019.

 “If singer/songwriters are your thing and you prefer a minimalist approach, with influences including country western, psychedelia and desert rock, you could do far worse than listen to Nero Kane.”  Backseat Mafia (UK), February 2019.

“Love In A Dying World has the evocative power of a Gothic and introspective western, so solemn and pooky at the same time. A suspended and crepuscular music moves like a sequence plan on desert and visionary registers.” Blow Up Magazine (IT), January 2019.

“Wonderfully agonizing in a land of boundless desolation, dark and introverted up to the contrite laconicity without redemption by Nick Drake.” MusicMap (IT), December 2018.

“The most intense Mark Lanegan and the desperate Neil Young of On The Beach. With its harrowingly deserted sound, atmospheres that are already evoked in its cover, this record sounds beautiful.” In Your Eyes Zine (IT), December 2018.

“Minimal, obscure, melancholic and twilight discography debut in the name of tracks characterized by an often funeral path, both electric guitar and voice. The most immediate references lead to Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave and the last Johnny Cash. Very successful album.” Radiocoop (IT), November 2018.

“The melancholic, poetic atmospheres of Nero Kane’s expressive textures, characterised by returning, hypnotic sound cycles, display a very strong, compact, magnetic and rigorous conceptual structure.” Cultframe (IT), October 2018.

“Wrought with desolate imagery and looming darkness, Nero’s recent single offers a glimpse of the young artist’s mind, which opts for minimalist approaches to psychic conventions. The easiest path to the destination is a straight line, and Nero’s aim is true.“ All Things Go (USA), October 2018.